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Foundation (Book 1)

By Issac Asimov


The time is a future century in the days of the Galactic Empire. The old empire is crumbling into barbarism and Hari Seldon and his band of psycho-historians forsee only anarchy unless they can create a new force, the Foundation, dedicated to art, science and technology, the nucleus of a new empire...

The book is made up of five short stories telling of the The Psychohistorians, The Encyclopedists, The Mayors, The Traders and The Merchant Princes.

Narrated by Arthur Blake, it lasts 10 episodes until the 24th of April. 

Coming Soon

Books to come include The Flashman Papers, some Jane Austen short stories, The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes and Gulliver's Travels. Suggest a book by emailing or contacting me via Talking_Books on Twitter.

Junior Talking Books

A children's classic, every Sunday at 1pm. At the moment it's Mary Poppins.

Find out more about our Sunday book here

Podcast Shows

Author interviews, special shows, documentaries and more, all available to listen online or download as a podcast. Includes chats with Bill Bryson, the creator of Paddington Bear, James Herbert's last ever interview, a full short story by Denise Mina and the man behind Parker and Brains in Thunderbirds and co-inventor of the voice of the Daleks. 

Podcast shows here.

Most recent podcasts for Talking Books

Author Interview - Monty Don

Monty Don talks about his book 'The Road to Le Tholonet' as it enters the Talking Books Library, plus blind gardener Kevin Smith joins us to talk about sensory gardens.

Short Story - Sue Townsend

A non-fiction short story from Sue Townsend in which she talks about her sight loss, her fear of the dark and her writing. Read by Jacqueline King in tribute to Sue Townsend who passed away in April 2014.

Author Interviews - Dame Stephanie "Steve" Shirley, Joanna Trollope and Antonia Fraser

Entrepreneur turned philanthropist Dame Stephanie "Steve" Shirley talks about her book, Let it Go; Antonia Fraser talks about the ‘Perilous Question' and Joanna Trollope chats about her many books in the RNIB library.

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Sunday - Mary Poppins (Interview show from Saturday @2.30)



About Talking Books

Robert Kirkwood presents the best of the spoken Word. The famous RNIB Talking Books studios have such a rich and varied history. Authors such as Ruth Rendell, Roald Dahl, P.D. James, A.S. Byatt, Fay Weldon, Doris Lessing, Lady Antonia Fraser and lots of other greats, making up a veritable Who’s Who of UK literature, have all visited us and recorded something.

Narrators over the years have included Joanna Lumley, Richard Baker, Sir John Gielgud, Joss Ackland and Jim Broadbent amongst hundreds of others. In the early days of the RNIB Talking Book service, there was no such thing as commercial audiobooks, so the RNIB library is the only place to hear people such as Peter Cushing and Joyce Grenfel read books aloud.

On Insight Radio's Talking Book show we've featured all of the above! Where else could you hear Peter Cushing read Sherlock Holmes followed by Victoria Coren talking poker, or Cherie Blair reading Postman Pat followed by Frederick Forsyth telling us about cocaine trafficking?

Tune in every day at 3pm (or 10pm) for exclusive audio, author interviews, behind the scenes features and our featured book or short story of the moment. I'll also keep adding content to the Talking Books podcast feed so make sure you subscribe.

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