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  1. Blind Dave recognised for his charity work

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1. Blind Dave's Airport woes
Dave Heeley has been on a family holiday. So what is it like to use airports as a blind traveler?

2. Blind Dave in San Francisco
Dave Heeley's all set for his Escape from Alcatraz triathlon challenge.

3. Blind Dave's been hoovering AND training for his next challenge
Dave Heeley tells Simon Pauley why he's been doing some housework, and discusses training for his Escape from Alcatraz challenge.

4. DIY with Blind Dave
Dave Heeley's been getting to grips with some DIY in his house. How does he manage it without sight?

5. Blind Dave Heeley's marathon tips
Dave Heeley has ran more marathons than he can remember, blind as well, that's why Simon asked him for tips for those taking on the London marathon.

6. Blind Dave's been swimming
Dave Heeley needs to learn to swim really well if he's to complete his next charity challenge, escaping from the island prison of Alcatraz.

7. Blind Dave's learning to swim
Dave Heeley has a massive charity challenge coming up, one that involves swimming from the legendary prison Alcatraz.

8. Blind Dave's West Brom Presentation
West Brom fan Dave recently enjoyed a presentation on the pitch at the Hawthorns, on the day his team defeated Manchester United.

9. Blind Dave and his Guide Dog refused entry to restaurant
Insight Radio regular Blind Dave Heeley was refused entry to a restaurant because of his Guide Dog. He shares his experience with Simon Pauley.

10. Blind Dave recognised for his charity work
RNIB Connect Radio's Simon Pauley caught up with life-long West Bromwhich Albion fan blind Dave Heeley, who was recently awarded the 'Freedom of the Hawthorn's for his extraordinary fund-raising achievements.

11. Blind Dave Heeley learns new routes
After his recent family move Dave Heeley and guide dog Seamus have been out and about, learning the various local routes that they will have to negotiate. RNIB Connect Radio's Simon Pauley caught up with Dave to see how it's going.

12. Blind Dave Heeley gets back on his bike
Blind Dave Heeley is currently training on a tandem bicycle, for one of his most ambitious challenges yet. Throughout 2017 Dave will attempt to become the first blind person to complete every Great Run in the 2017 series. Dave is talking to Simon Pauley

13. Blind Dave Heeley is on the move... literally
RNIB Connect Radio's Simon Pauley caught up with Dave Heeley on the day he & his family were moving house, to find out how the move was going & also what projects Dave has for the new place

14. Team Building With Dave Heeley
RNIB Connect Radio's Simon Pauley caught up with blind Dave Heeley who was in Cumbria on a team building exercise with 160 children from Sedbergh School @waktuchallenge #HowISee #RNIBConnect

15. Blind Dave Heeley Gears Up For Latest Challenge
RNIB Connect Radio's Simon Pauley caught up with Dave Heeley as he prepares for 'The Great Club Challenge' , which involves competing in 12 major running events in 2017

16. Blind Dave Heeley Meets Up With Special Friends
In 2015 Blind Dave Heeley took on the 'Marathon Des Sables' a gruelling trek through the Sahara desert. Last week he met up with friends he made during that particular challenge. We caught up with Dave to hear all about it.

17. Dave Heeley Reflects On The Recent Birmingham Half Marathon
Blind Dave Heeley recently took part in Birmingham's half marathon, but how did he do? and did he beat his own personal best? RNIB Connect Radio's Robert Kirkwood has been finding outhon. Did he beat his personal best?

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