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Download The making of Belgravia   (11.91 MB)

The making of Belgravia

I talk to Susan Howe and Marissa Hussey from Orion about the story of Belgravia and how the dedicated app was made.

Download Victor Gregg on 'Rifleman'   (10.19 MB)

Victor Gregg on 'Rifleman'

As 'Rifleman' by Victor Gregg with Rick Stroud enters the Talking Books library, I talk to them both about the writing of the book and about Victor's remarkable survival.

Download Julian Fellowes on Belgravia   (6.50 MB)

Julian Fellowes on Belgravia

The Chairman of the RNIB Talking Books appeal tells us about his new book, and the unique way it's being released, including on RNIB Overdrive.

Download AyeWrite! Memories   (6.49 MB)

AyeWrite! Memories

Chris Brookmyre, Denise Mina, Louise Welsh and more chat to me about Glasgow's Book Festival AyeWrite! and tell me about their favourite moments.

Download Short Story - Ida Tamson by Denise Mina   (37.39 MB)

Short Story - Ida Tamson by Denise Mina

Doing anything it takes to look after the children in her care, enter the world of Ida Tamson. For the first ever 'Aye Write' in 2005, this story by Denise Mina was presented in the Glasgow Evening Times over 5 days and recorded by RNIB Scotland.

Download Marlon James - Booker 2015 Winner   (8.13 MB)

Marlon James - Booker 2015 Winner

I chat to Marlon James about 'A Brief History of Seven Killings' winner of the 2015 Man Booker Prize

Download Bill Bryson   (33.13 MB)

Bill Bryson

Author Interview - I chat with Bill Bryson about his travel and history books, and ask him about his lost book, 'Palace Under the Alps'

Download Robert Burn's Kilmarnock Edition   (14.29 MB)

Robert Burn's Kilmarnock Edition

Celebrating the publication of 'Poems, Chiefly in the Scottish Dialect' by Robert Burns with poets old and new.

Download Star Wars and Talking Books Ep 4   (7.78 MB)

Star Wars and Talking Books Ep 4

Prequels and Sequels. A listen to some books based on the prequels and Timothy Zahn's now defunct sequel trilogy.

Download Star Wars and Talking Books Ep 3   (6.34 MB)

Star Wars and Talking Books Ep 3

Peter Cushing and Mark Hamill. Grand Moff Tarkin and Luke Skywalker read books that are in the RNIB library

Download Star Wars and Talking Books Ep 1   (6.73 MB)

Star Wars and Talking Books Ep 1

The two Obi's. Books in the RNIB library written by and read by both Alec Guinness and Ewan McGregor.

Download Star Wars and Talking Books Ep 2   (5.79 MB)

Star Wars and Talking Books Ep 2

An X-Wing Pilot, an Imperial Officer and a droid. We hear from Garrick Hagon, Jonathan Oliver and Anthony Daniels

Download Michael Palin   (10.80 MB)

Michael Palin

Author Interview - Does Michael Palin still get nervous? What line did he fluff during Monty Python Live? And at 71 has he stopped travelling? Robert Kirkwood finds out

Download Kim Newman   (17.76 MB)

Kim Newman

Author Interview - As the 4th Anno Dracula book, Johnny Alucard, is released, I chat to author Kim Newman about all things horror and vampiric. In this downloadable version of the interview, there are an extra questions and answers not heard on air.

Download Limmy   (9.89 MB)


Author Interview - Some 'Daft Wee Stories' with Brian Limond AKA Limmy

Download Andrew O'Hagan   (8.59 MB)

Andrew O'Hagan

Author Interview - At the Edinburgh International Book Festival, I chat to the author about his current work and his past career writing for Blind Veterans UK (St. Dunstan's)

Download Alan Bennett   (10.43 MB)

Alan Bennett

Author Interview - I chat to Alan Bennett about awards, being a 'national treasure' and about Family Guy

Download Welcome to Talking Books   (2.96 MB)

Welcome to Talking Books

Welcome to Read On and Talking Books from RNIB's Insight Radio

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