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Join RNIB Connect Radio for a host of special programmes over this Easter. We’ll be playing a series of special shows on both Good Friday and Easter Monday….happy listening.

Good Friday

7am           Reflections at Easter                     

8am           Sunset  Melodies                           

9am           The Welsh Connection                  

10am         Sounds of the Silver Screen         

11am         TED Radio Show                         

12pm         Pure 70’s                                     

1pm           Read On                                       

2pm           Talking Books                               

3pm           Music Box                                       

4pm           Tech Talk                                        

5pm           Folk and Roots                                

6pm           Reflections at Easter                        

7pm           Pure 80’s                                         

8pm           Real Country                                   

9pm           A Little Alternative                            

10pm         Talking Books                                 

11pm         Connect Radio Highlights               

Easter Monday

7 am          Connect Highlights

8am           Real Country 

9am           The Moth

10am         Folk and Roots

11am         Pure 80’s  

12pm         Sounds of Silver Screen 

1pm           Sunset Melodies

2pm           Talking Books  

3pm           Pure 70’s

4pm           TED Radio Show  

5pm           The Welsh Connection

6pm           Read On

7pm           Music Box

8pm           A Little Alternative

9pm           Tech Talk

10pm         Talking Books  

11pm         Connect Radio Highlights



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